Underground Waifus and the concept of phygital

What is the concept of Phygital? Let us review the importance of this concept

Underground Waifus

Underground Waifus is much more than a TCG. As you already know, the game is based on collectible cards with which you can face rivals in exciting PvP matches with different game modes. Moreover, the fact that it is a Play and Earn game (as well as F2P) allows you to add, if you want, as an added value the fact that you can gain advantages through your own skill and strategy.

But another important value, which differentiates us from other projects, is the concept of phygital. We will explain in depth what this concept consists of and why it is interesting for you to learn about it and benefit from it.

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##What is the concept of phygital used by Underground Waifus?

**The term "phygital" is a combination of the words "physical" and "digital" **and refers to a concept in which physical and digital experiences are intertwined. In the context of non-fungible collectible tokens (NFTs), it means that the possession or purchase of an NFT might be accompanied by some physical counterparts or experiences.

For example, when you purchase a Collectible Token, you may also receive a physical version of that collectible object, such as a real, tangible work of art, a vinyl record, or a collector's edition of a book, among others. These physical objects can increase the overall value of the NFT, as they provide something tangible in addition to the digital asset.

In addition, the concept of "phygital" can also include real-world experiences. For example, the owner of a particular NFT may have the right to attend a VIP event, a meeting with a celebrity, or any other exclusive real-world experience.

It is important to note that the specifics of what comes with the purchase of a digital NFT will depend on the individual terms set by the seller.** The token could represent ownership of both the digital and physical asset**, or it could represent only the digital asset with the physical asset as a separate bonus. This should be clearly defined in the NFT's smart contract.

In addition, the implementation of the phygital concept in NFTs may pose challenges, especially with regard to the physical asset. There may be issues related to delivery, condition, and provenance of the physical object, so this is something buyers need to be aware of when investing in phygital NFTs.



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