Factions in Underground Waifus

Factions are of great importance in Underground Waifus. Explain the reasons why.

Underground Waifus

Underground Waifus stands out as a fresh and appealing Trading Card Game (TCG) due to a multitude of aspects and characteristics. What sets our competitive and collectible TCG apart is the introduction of new factions that constitute the inaugural card collection.

These factions not only symbolize diverse artistic perspectives with each boasting distinct graphical traits but also form the foundation for building your decks and collections. In this piece, we will explore and delve into these factions in more detail. So, settle in and begin reading.


Currently, there are 10 varied factions encompassing over 400 cards, various levels, and extraordinary powers. The factions are detailed as follows:

Vaessa Sufferers

vaessa sufferers.jpg

Intricate yet deadly, they wield mystic arts to control natural elements. Though not physically robust, they can defeat any foe. This aggressive group manipulates hidden wisdom of fire, air, and earth, but their arrogance is their Achilles' heel.

Aekyra Reporters

aekyra reporters.jpg Stately and imperious, these seasoned and versatile faction members exhibit vast physical prowess and agility. Driven by a belief that they should reign over other groups, their most significant drawback is a shortage of fresh recruits.


kemono.jpg Feral yet efficient. With a profound bond with beasts, they excel in all battle styles and have unique attributes, making them more menacing. Although sometimes charming, they are relentless. Their main flaw is a lack of self-control.

Atom Hunters

atom hunters.jpg Profound and mysterious. Their pursuit is the exploration and mastery of combat forms linked to both science and magic. Though seemingly weak, their intellect makes them formidable in battle. Scarcity of resources for potions and elixirs is their weakness.


juggernauts.jpg Rugged and methodical. Only the most well-trained warriors join. Their brutal training makes them intimidating, skilled in tactics and resilience. Their prime flaw is their reliance on leadership; without direction, they are exposed.


zyphertech.jpg Cunning and fatal. Experts in camouflage and surprise assaults, they are skilled in ambushes but also brave in open conflict. Although adherent to traditional warfare, their rigidity in decisions is their downfall.

Sathosi's Opacles

sathosi's opacles.jpg Strategic and whimsical. Their unpredictability enhances their danger. Masters of all battle forms, they also control underground trade in their regions. Their advantage in gear and treasures is offset by their vulnerability to sudden mood swings.

Crimson Sisters

crimson sisters.jpg Charming yet lethal. Though lacking discipline, they are truly terrifying. Willing to fight underhandedly or bravely face adversity without losing grace. Especially perilous when cornered, their instability is their downfall, sometimes leading to internal conflicts.


valkyry.jpg Regal and gallant. Protectors of hidden martial arts secrets, they follow strict combat rules. Convinced of their supremacy, their primary weakness is their emotional detachment from others, leading to increasing isolation.


Gigankei.jpg They are effective and lethal. All the other factions fear them because in combat they are immutable and have no feelings whatsoever. Hailing from the Outer Ring, they represent all the factions at war there. They are veterans of a thousand battles, their equipment and training is unparalleled. Both their armament and armor reach an astronomical value on the market. They have no known weaknesses.

These factions offer a rich and multifaceted gameplay experience, adding depth and variety to the Underground Waifus TCG.



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