How To play UnderGround Waifus

Basic keys to understand how you can play Underground Waifus.

Underground Waifus

Initially, you'll need to obtain an Underground Waifus pack. For this, visit, ensuring you have GQ's in your Wallet. The existing pack prices and their constant BUSD value with varying GQ value (thanks to an oracle) makes the pack's BUSD price consistent . To purchase, let's say, the initial pack, you'd need 8 BUSD worth of GQ tokens, currently equating to approximately 2100 GQ.

Next, you should download the game from to your device. It is currently downloadable for Windows, Android, and MacOS, with future availability for iOS and Linux. Underground Waifus gameplay.jpg

Upon downloading the game, you can access it to commence gameplay. The initial task is to construct your inaugural deck of 8 cards in the 'Decks' section. The interface presents 8 blank slots for you to place your selected cards. After populating your deck, don't forget to click 'Save Deck' for future selection. You're now set to explore the different game modes of Underground Waifus, such as the 'Competitive' mode, accessible via the season pass, which launches a new season every 30 days.

Tournaments here are judged by Elo victories, and the battle matchmaking system is determined by Elo rating, card level, and deck level, with only the elite players receiving season-end rewards. The prize distribution and volume depend on the season's total participant count. Another available feature is the 'Game Pass', which requires Tickets purchased using the GQ token, with entry levels ranging from 1 to 20 Tickets.

To procure Tickets, navigate to the 'My NFTs' section on the site to buy your battle passes, each valued at $0.50 in GQ tokens. To procure Tickets, navigate to the 'My NFTs' section on the site to buy your battle passes, each valued at $0.50 in GQ tokens.

With these tickets, you can partake in specific tournament types, facilitated by another game mode - 'Tournament'. The tournaments come in several formats, from ELO rating-based to free entries, and even ELO-less tournaments where all participants receive identical boosters at the tournament onset.

Lastly, there's the PVE mode, also known as Training Mode, where you can pit against bots of various difficulty levels, earning EXP points to enhance your profile, level up, customize, and gain exclusive freeroll tournament entries. Regardless of the mode, gameplay mechanics remain identical.

Each player gets 15 energy, four 45-second attacks, and 20 life points to strategize their moves. Despite the 8-card deck, why only four attacks? Each game's onset will automatically select 4 cards from your previously built 8-card deck.

Waifus Undergroun Play Game.jpg

What are abilities & bonuses and why are they important

Within Underground Waifus, each faction and their respective characters possess unique abilities and bonuses that amplify with level ascension. Owning ability-laden cards is pivotal for a player as it expands their tactical flexibility in strategizing ensuing assaults.

An image below exemplifies that a level 1 card devoid of abilities isn't necessarily permanently ability-less. As you level up the card, it might develop enhanced attacks, new abilities or bonuses. However, keep in mind during combat, a card with abilities and bonuses enjoys a significantly higher victory likelihood over a card sans them.

Certain distinctive abilities exist, such as 'Punish', which triggers when your card perishes in battle, inflicting damage on the adversary. Conversely, there are cards with unique bonuses, like 'Cancel abilities and bonus', neutralizing any opponent's abilities and bonuses.

For instance, considering the earlier case, the 'Punish' ability would be invalidated upon your loss, thus preventing its activation and consequently, your opponent wouldn't sustain any 'Punish' damage.

Underground Waifus offers a myriad of ability and bonus variations, hence understanding the optimal card selection is crucial to aim for the Top 1! To delve deeper into the game, visit our video content at:



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