Exciting News from Underground Waifus: Our New Upcoming Update!

Exciting News from Underground Waifus: Our New Upcoming Update!

Underground Waifus

Hey, Gamers! We're thrilled to share the details of our latest update for Underground Waifus. This update is packed with enhancements and fixes, designed to make your gaming experience even more engaging and smooth. Thanks to all the players that are giving us feedback daily for create that awesome #buildinpublic game! Let's dive into what's new!

Gameplay Calculations – Enhanced Mechanics

We've fine-tuned the gameplay mechanics to ensure a more balanced and fair play. Expect a more strategic and rewarding experience as you navigate through the game! 1.jpg

Better Gameplay Experience!

We've optimized the overall gameplay for a smoother, faster, and more enjoyable experience we reduce to 2-3 seconds after each battle. Get ready for fluid actions and more immersive battles!

Matchmaking ELO new feature

Finding the perfect match is now easier and faster. Our improved matchmaking system ensures a fair competition, matching you with players of similar skill levels. 2.jpg

Google, Blink, and Apple Login

Logging in is now a breeze! With the integration of Google, Blink, and Apple login options, accessing your account is more convenient than ever. 3.jpg

Discounted Prices

Check out our in-game store for some awesome deals! Enjoy discounted prices on your favorite items and upgrades. 4.jpg

Server Fail Issue – Fixed

Server downtimes? Not anymore! We've worked on our server stability to ensure you can play anytime without unexpected interruptions.

Gameplay Stuck Issue – Solved

Those frustrating moments of getting stuck mid-game are now a thing of the past. We've identified and resolved this issue for uninterrupted gaming sessions.

Major Bug Fix

We've squashed a significant bug that was hindering gameplay. This fix brings about a more stable and reliable gaming environment.

Minor Bug Fixes

Those little bugs that slightly annoyed you? We've taken care of them too, ensuring a smoother gaming experience.

UI Fixes and Level + Rarity FILTER

We've polished the user interface for a cleaner look and feel. Navigating through menus is now more intuitive and visually appealing.

5.jpg 6.jpg We're committed to continually improving Underground Waifus and making it the best experience for our awesome community. Your feedback is crucial to us, so keep it coming! Game on and conquer the Underground world with Waifus!



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