Great News: We're Lowering All Prices at Underground Waifus

Great News: We're Lowering All Prices at Underground Waifus

Underground Waifus

Yes, you read that right. All prices for the various packs of Underground Waifus are being reduced. Moreover, this isn't a temporary measure; these new prices will set the cost for the game's card packs in the future as well (except for special editions).

First and foremost, to those who have already purchased Underground Waifus packs: rest assured, your investment won't be devalued. We will compensate you; keep reading and you'll understand everything.


How much and why have we decided to lower the prices at Underground Waifus?

To put it simply, we're reducing the cost of all packs by approximately 66%. In other words, for the same price you used to pay for 1 pack, now you can buy 3; or, put another way, any pack will now be three times cheaper.

Why have we decided on this change?

Well, first, remember, we are in a Soft Launch phase, where the main goal is to identify modifications that can improve the project. This also involves listening to all communities and participants as users.

One important realization we've had is that if we want to bring Web2 users closer to Web3 games, we need to rationalize the way we apply prices. Especially in a game where Mobile has a strong presence, users are accustomed to a different purchasing model: many purchases at low prices, rather than a few purchases at higher prices, which is more common in Web3.

This has led us to rethink the matter: if we want (and we really do) more and more Web2 players to understand the benefits of the blockchain layer in video games, we necessarily have to speak their language, also from a pricing perspective. andi.webp

And what about those who have purchased packs at the previous prices?

We will compensate you proportionally: if you bought one pack, we will enable you to mint two more of the same category, all proportionally. For each pack you bought, we will give you two more. In this way, we are convinced, many more players will be able to access from one side to the other, we will enhance competitiveness and greatly improve the possibility of matchups, with more balanced matchmaking. In addition, the scholarship market, which is really attracting great interest among users, both Web2 and Web3, will also be enhanced.

In the coming days, we will notify you of the implementation of your packs in the same Wallets where you purchased the previous ones. In the meantime, you can use our social media to ask any questions.

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