Underground Waifus: The Disruptive Game Entering the TCG Scene

Underground Waifus is a free-to-play, blockchain-based Trading Card Game (TCG)

Underground Waifus

Underground Waifus is a free-to-play, blockchain-based Trading Card Game (TCG) that has emerged to propose a new way of understanding and playing multiplayer collectible card games.

Underground Waifus presents itself as an exciting collectible card game set in a cyberpunk scenario, developed within a futuristic and post-apocalyptic world.

This game is characterized by creating a new market, in which traditional games are combined with the new wave of web3 games. Thanks to incorporating a circular economy, it offers the possibility of playing for free (Free-to-Play or F2P), just like the traditional games we know, and also includes the mode of playing competitively with the possibility of earning token rewards (known as Play & Earn or P&E).

At its core, it offers a card competition experience where players from both worlds challenge each other, and the winners can be rewarded with digital tokens.

For those familiar with titles like Magic the Gathering, Pokémon, or Hearthstone, adapting to Underground Waifus will be a smooth and straightforward experience. For those without this experience, the gameplay model allows for an easy learning curve, accompanied by a training system where you can adjust the difficulty level of the AI.

The game features various modes and matchups, classified into four main categories:

  • Player versus Environment (PVE) challenges, a practice environment.
  • Player versus Player (PVP) battles, where the winners take all the entry passes, which are accessed through game tickets.
  • Seasonal rewards: PVP organized under an ELO ranking system every 15 days, with a maximum number of total duels per season, which can be played day by day or all in one day, independently, with the total score at the end of the season being what matters.
  • Massive competitions in tournament format, accommodating hundreds of participants and offering both free entry and ELO-focused competitions, aimed at big prizes and rewards for players and winners.


Features of Underground Waifus

Underground Waifus introduces a new season every 15 days. The outcomes of these tournaments are influenced by victories achieved by ELO, where only the best players earn rewards each season.

The total ratio and volume of prizes depend on the total number of players participating in the season. The system is straightforward; PVP fights have a daily limit. This limitation covers ten cumulative matches per day, offering players flexibility in managing their time. A player could even play all 300 battles on the last day if they wish.


The player who wins a matchup earns all the tokens. These are PVP encounters that use the same matchmaking system employed in SEASON battles, including ELO battles, the total deck level, and respective cards. To participate in these battles, you need tournament tickets purchased with tokens in the Underground Waifus web store. There are various entry levels with variable costs.

Large tournaments with a minimum player requirement feature a prize pool. These can be freerolls (free entry) or based on tickets. Within these tournaments, there are various formats: matches determined by ELO level, matchups that require tickets or free access. Matches without an ELO system allow all players to start with the same card packs, forming decks according to the cards received. After the game, the cards are discarded.

Where will Underground Waifus be launched?

Underground Waifus will launch on various platforms, both for PC and mobile devices. In the initial phases, you will be able to find the game on: TABLA 1.jpg

The Innovative Scholarship System of Underground Waifus

The Scholarship System of Underground Waifus is a unique platform that allows NFT waifu card owners to lend and rent their cards to scholars for a specific period, giving scholars the opportunity to use these cards in the game. In return, the card owners receive a percentage of the rewards earned by the scholars during the loan period. 3.jpg

Card Listing Limit and Group Creation

Owners can list their NFT cards only in multiples of 8 cards. The number of groups an owner can create depends on their profile level:

  • Level 3 owners can create 1 group (8 cards).
  • Level 8 owners can create 2 groups (16 cards).
  • Level 15 owners can create 3 groups (24 cards).
  • Level 20 owners can create 4 groups (32 cards).
  • Level 25 owners can create 5 groups (40 cards).

Additional groups (8 cards each) can be unlocked every 5 levels. Owners are informed that they can increase the number of groups by subscribing monthly once the membership and subscription module is implemented.

Scholars may or may not obtain entry tickets, which will be determined by the lessor and the type of contract they have created for their deck.

If they don't have battle tickets, they can only play in Gamepass Mode using the deck (a combination of 8 cards) provided by the owner. If these scholars decide to purchase tickets, they can play PVP battles.

If the rental contract includes tickets, all modes will be enabled for the scholar

Finally, scholars will be able to trade or exchange the borrowed cards and will not be able to exchange the 8 cards in their deck, as “complete decks” are rented, not individual cards. 4.jpg

Usage Guide and Distribution of Rewards

Rewards, including GQ and Stardust, will be awarded or added to the scholar and the owner at the end of the loan period, not after each game.

It should be noted that specific implementation details, such as the membership and subscription module, may require additional development based on the design and requirements of their system.

Phase 1: Loan Process

The Owner Lists a Deck of 8 Cards: The owner selects the cards that make up the deck and sets the terms, including the number of days for the loan, rewards for the scholar, minimum required matches, and tickets to be earned.

The listed deck is displayed on the scholar's page. Until blockchain integration, the owner can freely withdraw the card from the list, and if the card is sold, it will be removed from the listing page. It is important to note another very innovative aspect of this system: once a deck is listed, the cards are locked in an internal SC. This innovative measure will prevent cheating, bringing a value of transparency and cleanliness to the system. On the other hand, it will not be possible to rent decks that have cards listed in the marketplace or if they are leveling up.

The Scholar Submits a Request: A scholar interested in borrowing the deck sends a request.

Review and Approval by the Owner: The owner reviews the scholar's statistics and approves the request. Once approved, the blockchain is activated and the deck is locked for the specified duration (X days).

In summary, if you want to rent a deck in Underground Waifus you will have to:

  • Choose the deck you want to rent.
  • Define the percentages for the scholar and the lessor (20/80) for example.
  • Define the days, the entry tickets you are going to donate for them to play.
  • Set a daily match goal (optional).
  • Publish.
  • It will appear in a section like the marketplace and you will receive proposals from players.
  • You can view their stats and accept the one that convinces you the most.
  • And that's it, rent out your decks.

Phase 2: Normal Scenario

In this phase, the scholar plays more matches than the minimum required daily during the loan period.

End of Contract: At the end of the contract, the INGAME GQ rewards for all matches played are transferred to the scholar (according to the terms), with a 5% commission deducted from each INGAME GQ of the scholar. Any remaining ticket goes to the owner. Automatically the decks are unlocked and returned to their owners.

Underground Waifus NFT Game.jpg

Case 1: Minimum Matches Not Played

This scenario occurs when the scholar does not play the minimum required number of matches during the contract.

End of Day X: At the end of any day X where the total number of matches played is less than the minimum required number of matches for X days:

Reward Distribution: If the scholar won INGAME GQ during the contract, the specified percentage of the contract amount goes to the owner with a 5% commission deducted as in the normal case. From the remaining amount, a 50% commission is deducted, and the remainder is sent to the scholar.

Relisting the Card: The card is relisted on the scholar's page and removed from the scholar's possession, but remains locked.

Changes can be made to the reward, minimum matches, tickets, etc.

Another scholar can request to rent the card following the same flow. Unlocking/Withdrawal Fees Normal fees apply at the end of the contract if it ends as planned (5% of both in INGAME GQ). If the minimum matches are not played and the scholar has INGAME GQ, a percentage is transferred to the owner and the company.

If the owner decides to withdraw/unlock the card, fees must be paid (Relayer + company). Underground Waifus blockchain game.jpg

Case 2: Early Return of the Card by the Owner

The owner has the option to claim the card back before the scheduled end of the contract, even if the scholar is playing correctly. In this case, unlocking/withdrawal fees will apply:

  • Relayer Fee (GQ). 400 (onChain GQ)
  • Company Fee (GQ), which is approximately 56 (onChain GQ) per remaining day.

INGAME GQ, as determined by the percentage of the contract, will be transferred to the scholar after deducting the company's 5% fees.


Battlespasses sent to scholars will be returned to the owner for matches that the scholar wins.

Any remaining Battlespasses with the scholar, at the end of the loan period will also be returned to the owner.

However, if a scholar loses Battlespasses due to defeats in matches, those lost Battlespasses will not be returned to the owner.

Important Note: It is crucial for card owners to always verify the statistics of players before lending their cards to better understand the potential outcomes and risks associated with the loan. This allows owners to make informed decisions about lending their valuable cards.

This Scholarship System of Underground Waifus allows both waifu card owners and scholars to benefit from lending and using these unique NFTs, creating a dynamic and appealing ecosystem for the waifu community.

Underground Waifus Vault System

We are excited to introduce a new and exciting feature in Underground Waifus: the ability to transform your valuable cards into unique NFTs through our Vault System. This feature allows you to mint your cards purchased in F2P, turning them into exclusive NFTs. Here is a simple explanation of how it works, the fees involved, and other important points to consider.

Follow these steps to convert your cards into NFTs:

  • Head to the "My-NFT" section on our website.
  • Within "My-NFT", explore the "Vault" section, where you will find the minting function.
  • Select your preferred payment method to cover the minting fees. You can choose to pay with Battlepass or with On-Chain GQ.

Choose the cards you wish to mint. You can mint any PAY Card, which refers to cards or packs purchased through in-app purchases.


Fees and Payments

The minting fees on the mainnet are set at 1 Battlepass or the equivalent in On-Chain GQ, approximately 0.5 USD. Keep in mind that the value of GQ may vary on the mainnet. Minting Process Please be patient! It takes about 2 to 3 minutes for your minted cards to appear in the "Your Waifus" section. Important Points to Consider Once the card is minted, it becomes a normal NFT and turns into a W3-type card, which can be used in all decks, except in tournaments or certain events with restrictions.

New Deck System of Underground Waifus

Underground Waifus introduces an exciting new deck system that offers more variety and customization options to enhance your gaming experience. With the new version of Underground Waifus F2P, users can create four different types of decks, each tailored to different factors such as card type and scholarship. Here is an overview of the four types of decks available:

W3 Decks (Web3 Decks) W3 decks are designed for NFT card owners. These decks contain exclusively NFT cards, which are cards purchased on the web. NFT cards can also be rented and upgraded.It's important to note that W3 decks are not compatible with the Steam version of Underground Waifus. F2P Decks (Free to Play) F2P decks consist of free cards that can be obtained through the game store using GOLD, which is the internal currency of Underground Waifus.

These cards cannot be traded or rented, and they are not NFTs. Gamepass mode cannot be played with F2P cards.

Purchased Card Decks

Purchased card decks are created using cards acquired in the game store through in-app purchases with real-world currency (e.g., USD). These cards are also not NFTs.

Purchased cards have the unique feature of being able to be turned into NFTs using the Underground Waifus Vault system. Once these cards are minted, they become normal NFTs and can be added to W3 decks.

Rented Card Decks

Rented card decks are a special type of deck linked to the UGW scholarship system. When a user rents cards (decks), they will appear in this type of deck.

Rented decks cannot be edited or deleted and are considered fixed deck types.

The new deck system of Underground Waifus offers a variety of options for players, whether they have NFT cards, free cards, or paid cards. This system allows you to customize your decks according to your card collection and preferences. Enjoy the flexibility and variety that this system brings to your gaming experience in Underground Waifus!

Underground Waifus Free to Play

The game allows users to collect and play with cards that can be of three types: NFTs, Free cards (available from the start of the game), and Pay cards (acquirable within the game through in-app purchases).

To ensure a smooth experience, users can use the same account across all versions of the game. Players can switch between different decks, allowing them to experience different aspects of the game without creating separate accounts.

NFT Cards/Decks

NFT cards are unique digital assets that have real value and can be owned, bought, sold, or traded by players. They are an essential aspect of the game, providing special features, characters, or abilities that are not available with Free or Pay cards.

Free Cards/Decks

These are cards that players receive for free at the beginning of the game or through specific achievements or events. Free cards serve as basic cards that allow users to start playing the game.

Pay Cards/Decks

Pay cards can be obtained by players through in-app purchases using real money. These cards can be used to play the game and earn GQ (the game currency), but initially, they are not NFTs.

NFTs can be minted from pay cards through a process in the game's web Vault.


Minting Limitations

Players can purchase an unlimited number of Pay Cards through in-app purchases.

However, the number of Pay Cards that can be minted into NFTs is limited based on the total supply of NFTs set by the developers.

Earning Rewards

Players using Free decks will earn rewards like game GOLD through regular gameplay and achievements. (GOLD, ELO, Stardust, Exp) (Game Pass is disabled here). Players using Pay decks may receive more substantial rewards through the Gift System and higher amounts of game GOLD (ELO, Stardust, GQ, GOLD, Exp). NFT deck users can participate in exclusive events or NFT-specific challenges to earn rare and valuable rewards, in addition to game GOLD. (ELO, Stardust, GQ, GOLD, Exp).

Distribution of GOLD: TABLA 2.png

Deck Creation

In the deck creation menu, users can choose the type of deck they wish to play with (Free, Pay, rented, or NFT).

The Free deck type will have its own initial cards, with Free decks featuring a basic set of cards, Pay decks, and NFT decks depending on whether the user owns those cards.

Underground Waifus In-Game Store, Advertisement System, and Energy System The Store in Underground Waifus is an essential part of the game, providing players with various options to enhance their gaming experience.

The store is divided into three main sections:

  • Free Section
  • In the Free section of the in-game store, players can purchase F2P packs and chests using the game's GOLD currency.
  • Pay Section
  • The Pay section offers players the option to make in-app purchases using real-world or fiat currency. In this section, players can buy Pay packs, chests, game passes, and GOLD.
  • Subscription Section Players have the option to subscribe to a monthly plan that grants them access to monthly, daily, or weekly rewards. Subscribers can enjoy a variety of benefits as part of their subscription.

Underground Waifus Advertisement System

The Underground Waifus Advertisement System allows players to interact with ads to receive various in-game benefits. Here's how it works:

Players can watch ads to double some of their rewards, gain additional energy, or change the cards they receive when opening packs.


Underground Waifus Energy System

The Underground Waifus Energy System plays a crucial role in the game and applies to all types of decks. Here are the key aspects of the energy system:

Energy Points: Each player starts with 10 energy points. Players can choose between two matchmaking modes: ELO and Game Pass. When a player decides to start a match in ELO mode or Game Pass mode, 1 energy point is deducted from their total.

Energy Recharge

  • Automatic Recharge: Energy points will automatically restore at a rate of 1 point every 30 minutes.-
  • Purchase Option: Players also have the option to buy energy packs using real money.
  • Watching Ads: Another option for players to recharge their energy is by watching ads.

Note: Automatic recharge occurs only when the player's energy is below 10. Energy Limit There is no limit on the total amount of energy points a user can have. Players can accumulate energy points without a maximum limit, providing flexibility and extended gameplay opportunities.

The In-Game Store of Underground Waifus, the Advertisement System, and the Energy System work together to offer players a variety of options to enhance their gaming experience, whether through purchases, interactions with ads, or energy management.

Enjoy the benefits and opportunities provided by these systems as you progress in the world of Underground Waifus.



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