What is Underground Waifus?

Why is Underground Waifus the TCG Blockchain with the most potential today?

Underground Waifus

Underground Waifus is a competitive collectible card game set against the backdrop of a cyberpunk universe, teetering on the precipice of a post-apocalyptic future. This game integrates a circular economic system, which facilitates both Free to Play (F2P) and Play and Earn (P&E) modes within a token-based economy. Essentially, it is a collectible card game that enables players to battle against each other, with victors gaining rewards in the form of tokens.

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If you've played games like Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, or Hearthstone, the transition to Underground Waifus should be seamless. The game offers diverse combat modes, featuring four types of contests:

  • Player versus Environment (PVE), a practice mode only available in the free-to-play mobile game version.
  • Player versus Player (PVP) battles, where the triumphant player wins all tokens, accessible through game pass or entry tickets.
  • PVP clashes following an ELO rating system for season victory. These fights have a daily cap of 10 and can accumulate over time. -** Large-scale tournaments that accommodate hundreds of players**, featuring both freerolls (free, equal access) and ELO tournaments with sizeable rewards.
  • Game Modes

Underground Waifus Features

Underground Waifus unveils a new season every 15 days. These tournament outcomes are influenced by ELO-gained victories, where only the top players garner rewards each season.

The total proportion and volume of awards will depend on the total number of players participating in the season. The system is straightforward; PVP fights have a daily limit. This limitation encompasses ten cumulative matches per day, offering players flexibility in managing their time. A player could even play all 300 battles on the final day if they wished to.

The player emerging victorious from a match wins all tokens. These are PVP encounters using the same matchmaking system used in SEASON battles, including ELO battles, the total deck level, and the respective cards. To participate in these battles, you need tournament tickets bought with tokens from the Underground Waifus webstore. There are several entry tiers with varying costs.

Large tournaments with a minimum player requirement feature a prize pool. These can be either freerolls (free entry) or entry ticket-based. Within these tournaments, there are various formats: games determined by ELO level, matches requiring entry tickets, or free access. Matches without an ELO system allow all players to start with the same card packets, with decks being formed based on the cards received. Post-game, the cards are discarded.



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