The Soft Launch of Underground Waifus is here

The Soft Launch of Underground Waifus is here

Underground Waifus

If you're wondering what it is and why we're launching our game in this format, we're going to explain everything you need to understand and enjoy our launch.

By the way, if you want to know everything about how to play and how Underground Waifus works, simply read this article which has all the details about the game and its features. andi2.webp

What is a Soft Launch?

In video game development, a key aspect before a global launch is the soft launch. This phase represents a preliminary stage where the game is released in a limited market or on a smaller scale. The main objective of the soft launch is to test the game in real conditions, but with a more controlled scope.

During a soft launch, developers and publishers have the opportunity to gather valuable data on game performance. This includes identifying and correcting potential technical or gameplay errors, as well as adjusting and improving key aspects of the game based on player behavior and reactions.

This phase is also crucial to evaluate user experience in a real environment, and allows us to make the necessary adjustments to improve the game's quality and responsiveness. By conducting a soft launch, the aim is to ensure that the game is as stable and appealing as possible before its launch to a global audience.

Therefore, the soft launch is an important step in the video game development process, acting as a trial period that helps ensure a successful launch and an optimal gaming experience for the global audience. UWSS_8.webp

The Soft Launch of Underground Waifus

When we say that Underground Waifus is a disruptive game, we don't mean it for just one reason. Check out some of our features:

  • It's a free-to-play TCG
  • It's a play-and-earn TCG
  • It's a web2 game
  • It's a web3 game
  • It has its own Vault system for web2/web3 transition
  • It has an automated scholarship system
  • It's phygital: your cards can end up being printed
  • It will be launched both for PC and mobile devices
  • It will be launched on both conventional platforms (Steam, Epic, Google Play, App Store) and on web3 and mixed ecosystems (Blink Galaxy, Elixir, Hiperplay, Gameswift)

And that's not all, consider that it's also a global launch, with servers around the world to connect players from any country.

As you can imagine, the level of coordination between all these elements and our development (plus not just depending on us due to the large number of elements involved) is huge. And that's where the Soft Launch comes in.

This Soft Launch is an alpha phase, with most functionalities active, but still considered a pre-release phase. It's a period in which, along with all players, we will actively check, while playing and with everything up and running, that everything works correctly, and, if necessary, solve with your feedback any problems we may detect.


What can I expect in the Soft Launch of Underground Waifus?

Really, almost all the game's functionalities will be up and running and available, with all services and platforms functional. Some specific function (such as Tournaments) may be incorporated in the coming weeks, but they will do so in the context of regular updates. The Season system and ELO rewards are planned for the first weeks of January.

Remember, we launch almost everything, but it is susceptible to failures and we need your help and feedback to fine-tune and make this period as short as possible.

Where is Underground Waifus being launched today?

This section will be updated as new platforms are added:



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